Managing Stress

What if you had the ability to heal yourself from within by changing how you think and how you feel?

Chronic stress is associated with several negative side effects that can be damaging to your health. Chronic stress can decrease the functioning of the immune system, lead to high blood pressure, increased heart rate, migraines, ulcers, weight gain, emotional strain, sleep disorders, and muscle fatigue, to name a few.


Learning to Manage Stress Can Greatly Improve Your Overall Health While Creating a Positive Sense of Well-Being.

Iverson Fitness and Wellness Consulting teaches you how to manage stress using specific relaxation techniques that can clear your mind and help reduce the negative, physiological side effects associated with increased stressors.  Techniques include deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and yoga therapy.  Our primary objective is to help you create an improved state of mind by introducing relaxation, self-acceptance and mind/body awareness during each session. Whether participating in a group class or private session, you're promised a therapeutic environment for self-healing and personal growth.

Deep Breathing. By inhaling deeply and allowing your lungs to bring in more oxygen, followed by a slow and controlled exhalation that deflates the stomach, you can begin to relieve tensions that lead to negative stress.

Visualization. Learning how to focus on one peaceful word, thought or image while blocking out other negative distractions that trigger stress is a very powerful technique that works well when combined with deep breathing.

Meditation. Meditation is a form of visualization that allows your mind to become more calm and peaceful using autogenic cues to release tension and create a more relaxed state. Although many people find it difficult at first, once the techniques are learned, meditation is extremely helpful in reducing stress.

Yoga Therapy. When practiced on a regular basis, yoga therapy can help you live a calmer life and increase your capacity to handle the demands of modern day living. When combined with pleasurable stretching, yoga therapy will help the body release endorphins that facilitate the immune response and assist the lymphatic system in releasing toxins that can be damaging to our cells. Yoga therapy can provide you with a sense of self-control and empowerment. You’ll be able to think more positively when negatives come your way.

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