Fitness Consultation

A Fitness Consultation affords you an opportunity to speak with a Certified Health Fitness Specialist who can answer all your questions about exercise participation, components of exercise physiology, program selection, safety issues and optional program designs. The information discussed is always pertinent to personal area of interest, thus no two consultations are ever alike. Whether interested in weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, toning or flexibility, or have concerns regarding any physical limitations, injury or illness, our specialists can assist you in a confident approach and understanding to obtain the best results.

Common questions and concerns often asked by our clients:

  • Is it better to exercise in the morning or at night?
  • Should I lift weights before or after cardiovascular activity?
  • How many minutes should I exercise each week?
  • Is it common to feel light headed or nauseous during exercise?
  • What exercises are best for an aching back?
  • Free Weights or Machines – which is better?
  • Will exercise help with my blood pressure control?
  • What is physical working capacity?
  • Should I monitor my heart rate during exercise?
  • What is suspension training? Can it help me?
  • What are some good core exercises?
  • I have a bad knee – what exercises should I avoid?