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You're Stronger than You THINK

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Once I Learned How to Face Challenges and MOVE ON

The Biggest Obstacle That

Stands Between Me and My Dreams is ME


Look and Feel Good at Any Age!

Irresistibly FUN and Effective!

Iverson Fitness and Wellness, LLC was designed to help individuals establish positive environments that make physical activity, good nutrition and stress management irresistible fun and effective! Using proven techniques to harness motivation for success, Iverson Fitness and Wellness offers scientific solutions to activate positive and lasting changes in the body.

Empowerment for Wellness Success!

All programs are built on a foundation of inspiration and empowerment for success. With various teaching techniques and intrinsic motivators, you'll feel a sense of gratification while creating deliberate and honest efforts to stay active, motivated, in charge of your health and physically fit for life!

Healthy Solutions You Can Depend On for Life!

More than personal training, Iverson Fitness and Wellness provides you with a professional mentor, a personal motivator, a credentialed educator, 24/7 encouragement and support. Susan fully understands how to deal with struggles individuals often face when beginning a new program.  She will work with you both personally and professionally to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that may have kept you from reaching your goals in the past. Susan will pinpoint solutions to keep you in charge of your wellness success for life!

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Health & Fitness

Speak with a Certified Health Fitness Specialist who can answer all your questions about exercise participation.


Includes complete food analysis, personalized nutrient profile, menu planning, recipe suggestions, dining out guidelines and shopping list.

Stress Reduction

Learn to Manage Stress Can Greatly Improve Your Overall Health While Creating a Positive Sense of Well-Being.

Weight Loss

We help you lose weight by losing FAT tissue while retaining your muscle mass. This is the only way to achieve permanent and successful results.

Personal Training

Iverson Fitness and Wellness Consulting offers a wide range of Fitness Training Services designed to meet individual needs. Please click on a title below for more details for each service.


Yoga includes a system of physical and mental exercises carefully chosen to bring the mind and body into union and balance.

Core Conditioning

To build a strong core, you need to include exercises for several muscle groups from your hips to your shoulders.

Injury Rehabilitation

Rehab training sessions are designed to complement post physical therapy or generalized injuries.

Promising Benefits of CBD and Bone Health

CBD Miracles of Health * Products for Life CBD and Bone Growth It has been known for a number of years that CBD helps promote bone growth and prevent bone loss.  CBD is safe, essential harmless and can be of significant use for the prevention of bone loss and...

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Fine Tuning Techniques for a Healthy Lifestyle

Fine Tuning Techniques for a Healthy Lifestyle

For individuals trying to stay healthy, lose and maintain weight loss, it's no surprise that nutritious eating and exercise are essential for success.  Set short-term, realistic goals that provide for forgiveness over failure.Even though we’ve heard this...

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Encouragement and Support!

Founder, Susan Iverson, fosters an environment of encouragement and support while providing you with versatility in programming options, positive feedback and a guarantee of satisfying results.  Customized plans are tailored to fit into your busy schedule and lifestyle patterns.  Safety, balance and enjoyment are the key components for success.



Once you begin, Susanwill teach you how to protect the body from injuries or rehabilitate old injuries using modalities backed by science, biomechanics, structural function and proper movement technique.


All exercise and nutrition programs are balanced, versatile and progressive in nature. Balanced plans correct problems which may have interfered with your ability to achieve lasting results in the past.


If you are serious about your health and fitness, you need to enjoy your programming plan! To help you along the way, Susan provides you with factual information, proper guidance and a component of fun into your sessions. She takes pride in cultivating programming options that provide you with continual enjoyment and satisfaction for consistent commitment to your success.

21st Century Solutions

Exercise is Medicine® is committed to the belief that exercise and physical activity are integral to the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and should be regularly assessed as part of medical care. Along with the National Physical Activity Plan, Exercise is Medicine® strives to make physical activity a “vital sign” that is routinely assessed at every patient interaction with a health care provider.

Client Testimonials

Susan Iverson is very professional, personable and a hands on personal trainer and wellness coach. She is sincerely concerned about the well-being of her clients. She listens very attentively to her clients’ goals and aspirations and designs a plan specifically for them. Susan checks in with you on a regular basis so you stay motivated and accountable to your goals. I have made rapid weight loss progress on plans designed by Susan.

Stephanie M.


Susan has helped me tremendously. She has taught me so much about how to workout as well as what to do outside the gym with my diet. I lost 5 lbs. in my first week of working out with her!

Lorrie W.

Monument, CO

Thank you for your great service!  We appreciate you so much!

Janice and Bill D.

I have been working out with Susan Iverson as a personal trainer for several months. During this period she has motivated me to perform a program of personal fitness and nutrition with the goal of a healthier, stronger and more flexible body. I highly recommend that anyone give Susan’s training programs a try.

Bob Mc.

Monument, CO

Susan’s nutritional expertise and personal training approach have helped me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. She keeps me motivated and week-to-week I feel and see positive results.

Cathy H.

Monument, CO

Thanks again for another fun year in my quest for good health.  You have made such a positive influence on me!

Peg M.