Core Conditioning

Most people associate core strength as having a flat belly, six-pack abs or toned mid section. Likewise, to strengthen the core, most individuals think of doing a lot of abdominal crunches and sit-ups. This is far from the truth. To build a strong core, you need to include exercises for several muscle groups from your hips to your shoulders. The abdominal muscles alone have very limited and specific action, they are a very small part of the core.

Core muscles are groups of muscles used to stabilize the spine and pelvis. They run the entire length of the torso, not just through the mid section. To strengthen the core, we work on contracting and stabilizing muscles needed for a strong base or solid support while performing other movements that transfer energy and allow the body to shift its weight in any direction.

Core conditioning workouts help reduce back pain and increase balance with strength. They are essential for enhancing athletic performance and can improve overall functional ability during recreational or leisure activities that require joint stabilization with a stable base (such as golfing, swimming, hiking, biking, tennis, fly fishing, gardening, mowing the lawn, working on home-improvement projects, or playing sports with family and friends).

Core Conditioning sessions are offered In-Home, in our local area fitness center, via face time / skype or designed on-line. Buddy and Group Pricing Options are available.