Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise training helps bring the body back into postural alignment by eliminating muscle imbalances and compensations that contribute to pain and discomfort.

Sessions begin with an assessment of your movement patters and postural alignment while performing a simple task or activity of daily living. For example, we look at your spinal alignment, posture and core function while sitting, standing, walking, performing a simple stretch, bending, reaching, twisting or lifting a small amount of external or whole body weight.

Once assessed, specialists from Iverson Fitness and Wellness Coaching use scientific principles of biomechanics, physics, motor control and human physiology to eliminative postural patterns that can lead to cumulative stress on your body.

If you are currently involved in an exercise program, corrective exercise training provides you with specific exercise techniques that will allow your muscles and joints to perform properly during movement.

  • Restore optimum posture and alignment.
  • Regain the ability to move freely and without pain.
  • Learn techniques to strengthen core condition and function.
  • Ideal for injury prevention or muscle/skeletal imbalance due to improper technique.
  • The missing link for physical health and structural well-being.
  • Corrective Exercise Training sessions are offered In-Home, in our local area fitness center or designed on-line.
  • Buddy and Group Pricing Options are available