CBD Products

Since 1992… Miracles of Health has earned the reputation for formulating and providing specialized blends of botanicals and supplements designed to help restore, rebuild and revitalize health!  We are committed to helping you achieve sustainable results to help you to feel your best!
Hemp is known to provide a multitude of health benefits by supporting the body’s natural endocannabinoid systems.  It’s often referred to as a do everything plant!  Our line of Therapeutic Hemp Elixirs are formulated with Certified Organic Whole-Plant Hemp infused with Certified Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Whole-Plant Hemp Salves are are formulated with Certified Organic Whole-Plant Hemp infused in Organic, high-grade, unrefined, premium Coconut Oil.
  Accomplishing Sustainable Results!  Extensive research goes into every product to ensure sustainable results that target specific bodily functions.  Our farmers and extractors own their fields and facilities while managing the full circle of production.  From planting to cultivation, harvest, extraction and export, we provide the ultimate in hemp quality, consistency and benefits.
All products are tested to exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the FDA and have earned the seal of approval according to Good Manufacturing Practices.  Supreme Quality!  Tested, checked, verified for potency and purity, safe and effective!  
100% USDA Certified Organic Hemp, Pesticide-free, no GMO’s or Artificial Additives, no Thinning Agents, Fillers or Preservatives, and no Trans-Fats.  Miracles of Health – A Brand You Can Trust!