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Progression Exercise

If you are currently on a set resistance training plan and have been exercising for some time without experiencing substantial, satisfying or sustainable results, you are probably doing yourself more harm than good! Doing the exact same routine over and over again does not enhance overall fitness or afford you the ability to progress. It simply provides you the ability to work the exact same muscle groups over and over again.

If you want to improve your overall level of fitness, you need to change up the routine. Progression Exercise training is a way to help fine-tune your current efforts for success while progressing you to a new level of enhanced physical function for total well being. This is one of the main reasons Iverson Fitness and Wellness Consulting offers such a wide variety of exercise plans. Not only are we interested in fitness enhancement for all ages, levels of workout experience and fitness abilities, we want to help our clients reach their full potential with exercise, health, physical fitness and total well-being.

Progression Exercise sessions are offered In-Home, in our local area fitness center or designed on-line. Buddy and Group Pricing Options are available.

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Client Testimonials
I have been working out with Susan Iverson as a personal trainer for several months. During this period she has motivated me to perform a program of personal fitness and nutrition with the goal of a healthier, stronger and more flexible body. I highly recommend that anyone give Susan’s training programs a try.
Bob Mc. – Monument, CO



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