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Suspension Training

Suspension training is a method of exercise conducted with a pair of support cables attached to a single anchor point overhead. Programming options range from simple movements to more complex and dynamic exercises that challenge both the neuromuscular and metabolic systems.

A primary benefit of training with this specialized equipment is the ability to modify body position, base of support and stability. Suspension training also allows manipulation of speed, range of motion, enhanced core conditioning and alterations in training volume to further enhance the workout experience.

An increasing number of studies have also shown that suspension training is effective for improved functional capacity, injury rehab and athletic performance. An additional bonus – no prior experience is needed to participate in suspension training workouts. 30 and 60 minute training sessions are open for individuals new to exercise, current fitness enthusiasts and older adults alike.

Suspension Training sessions are currently offered in our local area fitness center. In-Home training options are available to those who currently own a suspension cable system with anchored attachment. Buddy and Group Pricing Options are available

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Client Testimonials
I have been working out with Susan Iverson as a personal trainer for several months. During this period she has motivated me to perform a program of personal fitness and nutrition with the goal of a healthier, stronger and more flexible body. I highly recommend that anyone give Susan’s training programs a try.
Bob Mc. – Monument, CO



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